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Tea Tales is tea company based in Atlanta, Ga. We have all organic natural blends, even the tea sachets are eco-friendly because we believe in wellness and sustainability. Our teas are carefully selected, each one telling a different tale.

The seeds that formed Tea Tales were first planted in 2017 by Founder and CEO, Marsha Glover. Marsha grew up in Jamaica and then traveled to the U.S. - residing in several different cities. Throughout Marsha's journey, she has collected several unforgettable memories and experiences.

Above all, Marsha was able to learn, grow, and share all through story telling. It began with her Grandmother, Rose, telling her fables and tales at a young age in Jamaica. It has continued with Marsha telling the tales of her life with her own children. Now, it is time to share the power of not only story-telling, but listening with the rest of the world.

Dating back to the late 1830s, Tea Parties were a common social gathering to talk amongst your mutuals while drinking tea. Tea Tales is bringing back a modern day tea party. This time- we are healing our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. You too carry your own Tea Tales and no better time than now to join me on a journey towards love and light.

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