Origin of Moroccan Mint

Origin of Moroccan Mint

Moroccan tea was first introduced to Morocco in the 12th century, B.C by the Phoenicians who settled in the country’s north for over eight centuries. Another hypothesis links it to the first settlers of Morocco, the Berbers, who brought a green plant with them when they moved from their original land in Asi. Also, another historical theory said that tea came to Morocco from Spain and the Portuguese at the time of their military attempts to conquer it in the 18th century. Besides, some historians think that tea was first known to the Moroccans through maritime piracy (maritime jihad), which was active at that time in both the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean regions.



Health Benefits of Moroccan Mint

1. Moroccan Mint Tea Helps in Digestion

Moroccan Mint tea contains peppermint which is rich in menthol, which helps soothe an upset stomach and regulate digestion. Menthol can relax the stomach muscles that can contract and cause cramping. It also increases bile in the stomach which in turn helps to digest food easily, as a result, decreasing the sensations of nausea, and keeps your digestive system working efficiently.

2. Moroccan Tea Helps in Balancing Hormones

Moroccan Mint tea contains spearmint which helps in decreasing the male hormones and increases female hormones necessary for ovulation, such as luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and estradiol. Hence, it helps in balancing hormones and insulin levels.

3. Moroccan Mint Tea Boosts Your Immune System

Moroccan tea is rich in certain minerals like fluoride, calcium, magnesium, which are essential to boost immunity. Moreover, it contains antibacterial properties which help in fighting pathogens. It also contains peppermint which boosts the immune system

4. Moroccan Mint Tea Helps in Losing Weight

Moroccan Mint tea contains spearmint which is loaded with antioxidants, especially catechin which helps in decreasing abdominal fat and helps in losing weight.

5. Moroccan Mint Tea Augments Skin

Moroccan Mint Tea contains mint which helps in controlling the production of sebum, hence controlling the breakouts and acne green tea present in this tea also makes your skin healthy. Along with a healthy diet, daily exercise, and a morning skin routine this tea can do wonders for your skin.

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